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Shelves: I started to feel suffocated.

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On the ground in front of me I could see a plump, ripe fig, torn by the weight of its juice from the branch. I looked at it, decomposing sadly on the ground, and my eyes clouded over. I slumped down onto the ground, keeping my back against the tree, and let my head sink down towards my lap.

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It finally hit me that Grandad was gone. The story is narrated by Jadran, born in and now in his 30s and living in Ljubljana in Slovenia where he works on a basketball statistics website designed to aid gamblers.

PritartiKas ir kam atstovauja demokratija? Nuoroda: cofe-PROP Patikrinti piršto atspaudą Piršto atspaudas Toliau pateiktas tekstas yra sutrumpintas ir apibendrintas jo turinys. Naudinga užtikrinti, kad turinys nebūtų pažeistas, nes padarius vieną pakeitimą būtų gauta visiškai kitokia vertė.

It spans four generations of his family and across Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia, starting with the story of how his maternal grandfather, Alexsandar came form Belgrade to settle in the small village of Momjan, near to the town of Buje in Croatia in The story then jumps to the present, following the death of his grandfather, as Jadran contemplates the fig tree his garden in Momjan: But before my mind could be flooded with sweet memories of harvesting figs, I saw Grandad scaling the thick, strong branches of the fig tree, as if seeing a tomorrow that would never come; I saw his hands picking the ripe fruit hidden behind large, leathery leaves.

I saw him pick up the phone and let Mum tko coin that the figs were ripe, that she ought to come and get some.

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He knew that she wouldn't, but he also knew how much she loved figs, and it was one of those rare phone calls that brought him joy. As the novel continues Jadran pieces together the story of his family's life, from what he knows and tko coin own supposition, trying to piece together various puzzles - why his great-grandmother, a single parent, suddenly, in and when Alexsander was 12, decided to seduce and marry a dentist in Novi Sad in Serbia, confer his name on her son, then soon after run-away to Belgrade; - why his grandfather spent a year in Tko coin, against his grandmother's wishes, and how this related to his grandmother's descent into dementia just before his return; - why his father, Safat, as the Yugoslav wars began, abruptly left his wife and peaceful Slovenia, and returned to his ancestral home in Otoka in war-torn Bosnia, and why his mother, Vesna, blamed his grandfather; - why his own wife left him recently before returning.

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Indeed as his wife tells him, the story he composes is largely invented in self-justification: Now I think that you've woven your life into one great big story in your head; you've spun a huge, hefty tome in order to create a connecting thread in all the chaos, you've woven us all in with you, me and my family too, just so you can find sense in your own nonsense, to prove to yourself that what happened to Aleksandar and Jana tko coin connected to what happened to Vesna and Safet, and that all of it is connected to us and to you and what you're feeling.

I think you've convinced yourself that you are the logical conclusion of everything that happened in Momjan, Otoka, Ljubljana, in Buje and wherever else; that all those lives join together in you; all the regret, remorse, longing, despair and disappointment, all of that is now within you, and lives on inside you, tko coin if none of those people had ever died, as if all of those people were trapped inside you, like in a closet, frozen in time.

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Invented or otherwise, the novel portrays some wonderfully tko coin characters, such as Safat, in his self-imposed exile from his family and friends in Slovenia, reading the obituaries in the daily paper Delo, sent at considerable expense to him from Ljubljana, to see the fate of those he once knew: He felt like a child filling an album with footballers' faces; an album that when opened, always had new pages, waiting to be filled.

There were more and more names searching for a face.

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Or this of his grandfather and his reading habits: I took a book from the footstool, the one tko coin grandad used as a bedside table, and opened it at the page marked by a shred of newspaper. He had never been one for leather, cotton or paper bookmarks, and so rather than between pages they rotted away in untidy drawers and other ransacked corners of his house, while other flat or pointed objects at hand — pencils, toothpicks, coins — would perform the task instead.

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His later life amounted to the sum of insignificant details: stains encrusted on shirts, clumps of food on plates, different coloured shoelaces, burnt-out lightbulbs, chipped glasses, old biros, out-of-date I.

D cards, faded horoscopes, keys without keyrings and keyrings without keys. All of these were tiny trivialities of no consequence — things he was not inclined to waste his limited time on.

Piršto atspaudas

Yet in spite of the boundless freedom granted to objects in his house, where beach towels would bask on the bedroom floor and dictionaries would relax on the toilet cistern, my scatterbrained Grandad was an incredibly disciplined reader. Never would he stop reading in the middle of a page, least of all mid-sentence.

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Neither the doorbell nor a stew boiling over on the stove would interrupt his reading. He always read a chapter from start to finish, but if the chapters were too long, he would stop reading at the end of the first sentence on the left-hand side.

BAKE premijos skiriamos tik tam skirtiems baseinams. Likvidumo teikėjai dalijasi 0. Jis veikia su dviem LP.

It was therefore easy to establish which had been tko coin last sentence he ever read in his life. I opened the book that I'd found on the footstool at the place marked by a piece of newspaper. At the top of the left-hand page was only the last part of the sentence, so I turned back and read the paragraph from beginning to end: An eventful century or so ago, my paternal ancestors left behind what was then Galicia, the easternmost province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire now Western Ukraineand resettled in Bosnia, which had recently been annexed to the Hapsburg domain.

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My peasant forebears brought with them a few beehives, an iron plough, many songs about leaving home, and a recipe for perfect borscht, a dish previously unknown in that part tko coin the world. Of course this wonderful prose comes techninės akcijų prekybos strategijos tko coin Hellewell's excellent translation.

She also led a Slovenian-English translation workshops at the BCLT Literary Translation Summer School in Norwich in Julyand the passages the group translated tko coin are included, unamended, in this final edition, including this one as Jadran recall his first visit, aged 16, to Bosnia to see his father: The first ruined house never leaves your mind, the first burnt out village you pass through is etched into your memory and all the ruins you see afterwards fade away over time; you know they used to be there, you know you saw them, but they cannot be recalled.

An excellent novel and a good prompt for me to read more of Goran Vojnović's work.