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History[ edit ] This section may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding subheadings. Please discuss this issue on the darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia talk page. The following year it changed its name to Plastikas. In that same year,Plastikas players joined a new team, called Statyba. This name was used for over 30 years.

InArtūras Karnišovas joined the team at the age of InStatyba won bronze medals in their first LKL season. Inthe largest Lithuanian newspaper Lietuvos rytas began sponsoring Sūduva Marijampolėa basketball darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia from MarijampolėLithuania.

The partnership lasted for two seasons, during which the team was known as Lietuvos rytas Marijampolė and played in the second-tier Lithuanian league, the LKAL. A notable player for the team was teenager Darius Songaila.

However, after the —97 season the partnership ended. The team needed new investors and in Lietuvos rytas bought the club. However, the new owners did not want to continue the team's history and renamed it Statyba-Lietuvos rytas, then just Lietuvos rytas. The newspaper's investment helped the club to establish itself as one of the two best in Lithuania, the other being Žalgiris from the country's second-largest city Kaunas.

First successes — [ edit ] Lithuanian star Šarūnas Jasikevičius started his career in Lietuvos rytas. Alfredas Vainauskascoach of the team — During its first season, Lietuvos rytas managed to repeat Statyba's greatest achievement in the LKL and won bronze. The team also took second place in William Jones Cup. However, the biggest success at that time came inwhen Vilnius' side, led by the so-called "big three"— Ramūnas ŠiškauskasAndrius Giedraitis and Eric Elliottcombined with youngsters Arvydas Macijauskas and Robertas Javtokasmanaged to win LKL.

The team was coached by Šarūnas Sakalauskas.

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After an upset home win 70—60, Lietuvos rytas lost in Italy 83—71, with Šiškauskas missing a three-pointer which would have won the two-game series for his team. The team won third place in the NEBL. InLietuvos rytas repeated their triumph in the LKL, this time in a dramatic seven-game final series with the last game decided in overtime. The team played without center Robertas Javtokas, who was seriously injured in a motorbike crash.

The team held first place in the group stage of the Saporta Cup but lost in the quarterfinals to Hapoel Jerusalem. Success in the ULEB Cup and Euroleague — [ edit ] Lietuvos rytas and Siemens arenas, opened Neven Spahijacoach for the —06 season Kareem Rushleader for the second half of —07 season The Lietuvos rytas' lineup in Rimas Kurtinaitis — ULEB Cup champions[ edit ] After not winning any title in the past two seasons Lietuvos rytas decided that change was needed and began recruiting foreign coaches, the first of them being Serbian Vlade Đurović.

Midway through the season, team leader Frederick House suffered a season-ending injury; [8] head coach Đurović resigned and was replaced by Slovenian Tomo Mahorič. This victory granted them swing prekybos geriausios strategijos place in the EuroLeague, the continent's primary basketball club tournament.

darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia

Lietuvos rytas began the —06 EuroLeague season well. Those wins allowed Rytas to advance to the Top 16 phase, where they won three times out of six, beating Tau Ceramica Vitoria once and Brose Baskets Bamberg twice.

However, Lietuvos rytas was eliminated from that year's EuroLeague. Darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia winning the Baltic Basketball Darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia title, Lietuvos rytas won their easiest final series, crushing Žalgiris Kaunas 4—0. Despite winning the Lithuanian title, Lietuvos rytas did not acquire the country's spot for —07 EuroLeague that was reserved for arch rival Žalgiris Kaunas.

darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia

Two coaches were replaced during the season: Sharon Drucker from Israel was replaced by Slovenian Zmago Sagadin and the latter by his assistant coach Aleksandar Trifunović from Serbia.

Very notable victories were achieved against future EuroLeague finalists of that season, Maccabi Tel Aviv.

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On 1 November, Lietuvos rytas defeated Maccabi by 18 points at home for a third time in a row as Artūras Jomantas led the team with 19 points and became the week's co-MVP with Erazem Lorbekboth having performance index ratings of The fourth victory in a row over Maccabi away, by 5 points was due to a spectacular performance by Hollis Price 19 points and Chuck Eidson 28 points.

A road victory against Cibona Zagreb on 31 January completed the Euroleague regular season for Lietuvos rytas and allowed them to remain in the first spot in Group B securing a favorable position in the first pool before the Top 16 draw together with CSKA MoscowReal Madrid and Panathinaikos Athens.

Their 11—3 record was the team's best regular season performance ever, and the best by a Lithuanian team in Euroleague at the time. However, the team was not as successful in the Top 16 and with record of 2—4 did not advance to the playoffs.

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Rimas Kurtinaitis era darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia [ edit ] LKL trophy in Vilnius Chuck Eidson, the leader of the team for the —09 season The —09 season saw the team with a significantly reduced budget andputting a greater emphasis on less expensive young and perspective local players. Lietuvos rytas lost the game — Having lost two of its leading foreign players [10] Lietuvos rytas still managed to reach the second phase of EuroCup finishing second in their group with three home wins and three away losses.

Head coach Antanas Sireika resigned and was replaced by a former Lietuvos rytas' player Rimas Kurtinaitis for the second half of the season.

The team's roster had been refreshed with promising Lithuanians and Rytas successfully advanced to the Final 8. Chuck Eidson was named the regular season MVP. The Final 8 began with a victory against Benetton Treviso in the quarterfinal on 2 April Two days later the team won its semifinal against Hemofarm Vršac and made its third consecutive appearance in the EuroCup finals. Mindaugas Lukauskis has made a decisive three-pointer and that allowed him to become the only player to participate in the final three times in total and, later, the only two-time EuroCup champion.

Going into the finals, Rytas was considered an underdog against the rich Russian team Khimki. However, the performances of Steponas Babrauskas 18 points and Marijonas Petravičius 20 points allowed the team to win the final.

Lietuvos rytas made a 15—0 run, having left their rivals scoreless for six straight minutes in the third and fourth quarters. Lietuvos rytas was also successful in matches darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia arch rival Žalgiris Kaunas. Chuck Eidson scored 41 points and was announced the MVP. Lietuvos rytas swept past all the teams in the playoffs and qualified for the finals.

There the Vilnius team confronted their rival Žalgiris Kaunas and won the series 4—1, the final match taking place on 18 May. This was the fourth time Lietuvos rytas became the LKL champion. It was the fifth trophy of the season for the team from five possibilities.

After the season, team leaders Marijonas Petravičius, Mindaugas Lukauskis and Chuck Eidson left and Lietuvos rytas acquired new perspective players to replace them. Lietuvos rytas also participated in the Gomelsky Cupwhere the team claimed third place after a near-loss game against Triumph Lyubertsy 94— Lietuvos rytas was not as successful in —10 EuroLeague as before—they lost the deciding game against Unicaja Málaga, took fifth place in Group B and did not advance to the Top However, their fierce battles with Žalgiris Kaunas continued.

It was the second consecutive LKL title for the Vilnius' team.

darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia

After the conclusion of the season, head coach Rimas Kurtinaitis left the club to be replaced by Croatian Dražen Anzulović. Big dreams, small achievements — [ edit ] — Fourth season in the Euroleague[ edit ] Martynas Gecevičius was the team leader for the —11 season.

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The —11 EuroLeague season was the fourth one for Lietuvos rytas. After an unsuccessful start of the season, Dražen Anzulović was replaced by the team's former coach Aleksandar Trifunović. With an overall record of 0—4 in their Group Cthe team signed free agent Lithuanian star, and a former team member, Šarūnas Jasikevičius.

After winning three last EuroLeague group phase games, Rytas qualified for the Top 16 stage in the fourth berth during their last games. The last round remaining, the team had a chance to finish first in their Top 16 E group.

However, Lietuvos rytas lost to Caja Laboral and took third place in the group. Their ninth-place finish in EuroLeague is the highest achievement for the team in this tournament in club history. Head coach Trifunović was fired and replaced by assistant coach Darius Maskoliūnas.

StrawberryCemal Nalga and losing team leader Martynas GecevičiusLietuvos rytas replaced eight players. The beginning of the season was not very successful as Lietuvos rytas did not win EuroLeague's qualification tournament, which was organized in Vilnius. Lietuvos rytas won their first two matches against Budućnost Podgorica and Cibona Zagrebbut lost the final game against Galatasaray by a score of 71— As a result, Lietuvos rytas had to play darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia the second-tier European competition, EuroCup.

The team, led by Renaldas Darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia Valančiūnas and Tyrese Ricemade it to the quarterfinal round for the fifth time in a row and defeated Donetskqualifying to the Eurocup Basketball Final Fourbut lost to Valencia Basket 80—70 in the semifinals.

Rytas finished third after a 71—62 win against Spartak St. Jonas Valančiūnas spent his first seasons in Lietuvos rytas's system. The team finished third in the regular season round of the VTB United League and qualified for the eighth final. They defeated Nizhny Novgorod and advanced to the quarterfinals where they met Khimki.

Khimki were the reigning EuroCup and VTB League champions and were considered heavy favorites but Rytas unexpectedly won the series 2—1. The Final Four tournament was organized at Siemens Arena. This was the worst domestic season in the team's history; Rytas lost all six of its matches five in LKL and the BBL finals to its rival.

Players like Nemanja Nedović were expected to be the future of the team. However, the season was not very successful. It started with the loss of the Lithuanian Supercup to Žalgiris Kaunas. After struggling in the opening months, Lietuvos rytas released coach Aleksandar Džikićpromoting Darius Maskoliūnas as head coach. The rookies were not much help, however, and Rytas still missed the VTB playoffs, with Donetsk defeating Rytas in the deciding game.

Coach Maskoliūnas was fired and replaced by Dirk Bauermann.

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Rytas began to play much better, and in April scored an away win over Žalgiris Kaunas—the first in almost two years. Rytas made the LKL finals for the 15th time in a row. However, Žalgiris Kaunas easily swept Lietuvos rytas 4—0 in the final.

Tai paslaptingas ir žavus požeminis Turkijos miestas.

Due to the unsuccessful past season, the manager decided to almost completely rebuild the team: eight players left after the team lost LKL finals to the rival Žalgiris Kaunas.

Former team leader Martynas Gecevičius was recalled after a two-season break and a notable point prekybos strategijos reddit Omar Cook was signed.

The team did not receive it, and had to participate in EuroLeague's qualification tournament once again, which was held in Vilnius. Notable point guard Omar Cook was signed for the —14 season. Six games were lost by 10 points or more and it ended being the apple draudžia dvejetainių parinkčių programas iš programų parduotuvės Lietuvos rytas darbo pasiūlymai iš casa venezia ever in the EuroLeague - a disappointing 1—9 record.

After this, coach Dirk Bauermann was fired and replaced by Aleksandar Petrović. This led to the firing of coach Aleksandar Petrović, who was replaced by Dainius Adomaitis. Juan Palacios was one of the team leaders in the —14 season. Despite two victories against Rytas biggest rival Žalgiris Kaunas during regular season, the LKL playoffs were a disaster for Lietuvos rytas.

Due to rare situation in LKL standings, Rytas and Žalgiris Kaunas met in the semifinals and not in the finals for the second time since Darius Songaila's 28 points led Rytas to a first series victory in Vilnius with 90—85 result.

After defeating Triumph Lyubertsy 3—0 in the first round, Rytas lost to Nizhny Novgorod 1—3 in the semifinals, losing a chance to play in the —15 EuroLeague season. Rytas finished in third place in the LKL, winning the series against TonyBet Prienai 3—0 and winning the bronze medal.

This was the team's worst season since — The team was not invited to the qualifying tournament as before and had to return to the second-tier European league EuroCup.

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As a result, the club made changes. Secondly, the team played most of its games in the newly reconstructed Lietuvos rytas Arena instead of the Siemens Arena. Virginijus Šeškusa former multiple LKL bronze medalist with Prienai, was signed as head coach of the team, along with his past team members Artūras Valeika and Mindaugas Lukauskis, who played six seasons in Rytas previously.

Club owner Gedvydas Vainauskas said shortly afterward that the enthusiastic Šeškus reminds him of former team coach Rimas Kurtinaitis, who led Rytas to its biggest victories in club history. Lithuania national team member Adas Juškevičius joined Rytas in On 16 December, the team roster was strengthened with addition of Kšyštof Lavrinovičwho signed a two-year deal with Rytas. Due to the questionable shape of the team, Virginijus Šeškus was fired as head coach.

They defeated Dzūkija Alytus 78—63 in the quarterfinals, and Šiauliai 71—61 in the semifinals, however at the finals Rytas lost the season's first trophy to principal rival Žalgiris Kaunas 82—76 and extended their trophy drought.

Despite having a double-digit lead multiple times, Rytas failed to secure the game until the final seconds. The match finished with an 81—81 tie; the series winner was to be decided in Turkey. The deficit after the first two quarters was 34—